Why All Wellness Entrepreneurs Should Use Canva

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Starting out, most of us are DIY-ing the visual content for our wellness brands. Here’s 8 reasons why your wellness business needs Canva.

As a wellness entrepreneur, your business can feel very personal. If you feel vulnerable about putting your soul’s passion out into the universe, you’re not alone! So, you stall in putting your content out into the world, because you want everything to be perfect—from your social media graphics to your website. Totally understandable. However, if you wait for all of your design elements to be perfect, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.

Plus, perfection often comes with an increased budget, and when you’re just starting out, your budget for branding and graphic design is likely closer to $0 than $10,000. Until you’re able to increase your budget for things like that, imperfect action and DIY-ing will be your best friend. And that’s where Canva comes in.

What is Canva? An online graphic design platform that allows you to create and publish engaging content that will attract your targeted audience. Canva is the best tool for creating accessible, affordable graphics. Here are the 8 reasons your wellness business needs Canva. Like, right now.

8 Reasons Why Your Wellness Business Needs Canva

  1. It’s Easy to Use

  2. When we tell you that Canva is one of the easiest graphic design tools you can use on the market, we mean it. The interface is incredibly user-friendly, and the site has thousands of templates to choose from. Creating beautiful graphics that fit the aesthetic of your wellness branding doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. Canva makes it easy for you to quickly and efficiently produce content so you can live up to that social-media-guru standard of posting 3-5 times per week with ease.

  3. It’s Affordable

  4. Again, if you’re just starting out in your business, you may not have the biggest budget. And that’s perfectly okay! Hiring someone to create your graphics may be out of your price range, and other design software like Adobe’s Creative Cloud is not only pricey, but hard to use without extensive knowledge or a design degree. Canva’s Pro plan is only $13 a month ($119 annually)!

  5. Customizable Templates

  6. The best thing about Canva is the templates. Not only is Canva social-media-friendly with the correct dimensions ready to go for every platform, but they have hundreds of customizable templates you can choose from. Whether you need to create a graphic for Pinterest, a carousel for Instagram, a cover for your Reel, presentation for a client, a new business card for your studio, or a workbook for your team, Canva’s got your back. There’s literally a template for everything you could ever hope to create. These templates will save you a ton of time.

  7. The Brand Kit

  8. In order to create a cohesive, recognizable brand, you’ll need to use the same few fonts, colors, and overall vibe. Canva allows you to conveniently create what is called a Brand Kit, where you can select your preferred design elements that will be readily available to you every time you create a new post. You can even upload your own logos and Canva will save them (and their colors!) in your brand kit.

  9. Fonts

  10. When you sign up for the Pro version of Canva, you get 500+ fonts that you can choose from. The best part about it? You can save your favorites to your brand kit, so you never have to go searching for that “one” font ever again!

  11. Automatic Saving

  12. You know the feeling when you spend hours upon hours creating something, only for your WiFi to drop out for a sec and cause you to lose everything?! The WORST. In Canva, every change you make on a design, it saves automatically, so you’ll never have to experience that feeling of defeat again. No more headaches over whether you saved your beautiful creation.

  13. Collaboration

  14. As a wellness business owner, you likely have several team members. Instead of having to save your graphic to your computer and then email it over to your collaborator, Canva Pro makes it easy and allows you to add team members on to your account, so they can access everything you’ve created and all the elements of your branding!

  15. Scheduling

  16. As if Canva Pro wasn’t already making your life easy enough, they’ve recently added a scheduling tool, so you can post directly to Instagram and Pinterest. This makes your marketing efforts extremely streamlined, and cuts the cost of a separate scheduling tool from your bottom line — score!

Canva is an agile tech company, and is constantly making improvements to their software by adding new business tools to make your designs look even more stellar! When using an app for an essential element of your business, it’s always important to make sure that they are always improving and staying current on trends. We’ve been using Canva for a few years now, and we are happy to say that we’ve noticed significant improvements since we first became users! Now, we’re loyal fans.

After always worrying about how we would design amazing content on our own for Good Karma Works, we started using Canva WAY before it became popular, and now it’s go-to design project editor tool when we need to quickly create a social media post, event flyer, or, really, anything!

We recommend this platform to any solopreneur or small business because it is simply the best tool out there for creating quick and easy designs for your visual content. The possibilities are truly endless — if you don’t already have an account, sign up here!

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