Good Karma Project Winner 2023

Healing and Resilience after Trauma (HaRT)




→ Strategy / Design
→ Graphic Illustration
→ Web Redesign (UX/UI)
→ Migration off Wix

HaRT came through as a standout applicant for our first Good Karma Project website giveaway. They were in need of a more elevated and professional website to give them that extra boost—to build connections and attract funding in the non-profit space.

The HaRT team expressed the importance of co-creating a website that represented their brand’s voice and visual identity. They also conveyed the importance of having an uplifting homepage design, something that would counter the negative stereotypes and victimhood narratives.

“HaRT is honored to be the very first ‘Good Karma Project’ recipient, and couldn’t be more excited about the beautiful and accessible website we co-created together. From day one, they were attuned to our values and program content, and clearly understood our priorities for the new website.”


Collaboration Superpowers workshop web design

About HaRT:

“We believe that all women and girls deserve access to safe spaces to move, breath, and dream together… where we can experience connection and healing. At HaRT we focus on creating and nurturing these spaces for women and girls who have experienced gender based violence.”

HaRT is a small all women non-profit organization that works in partnership with other organizations to bring their core program “Move with HaRT” to women and girls who have experienced violence and other traumas.

Move with HaRT is a group-based, twelve-week program that uses a survivor-centered and trauma-informed approach. Weekly sessions include yoga asana, pranayama, mindfulness techniques, positive visualizations, and supportive group discussions.

“The Good Karma Project is such a generous and unique initiative. It gave the whole team at HaRT a big energetic boost to be recognized and supported in this way — and it also gives us an important ‘lift’ in the fundraising space to have our new elevated website.”


The Approach:


Building for a non-profit

Our first challenge was adapting one of our restyle templates to fit the more complex needs of a non-profit organization. We built out an Impact page, an inventory of their resources for download plus a Latest News news section so the team could easily communicate partners updates.


Elevating an existing brand

HaRT came to us with a visual identity already in place; however, in their previous website’s visual design it lacked sophistication. We brought their brand to life by using custom artwork, elegant typography, and choice colors—resulting in a website that communicates a vibrant, feminine and uplifting organization.


Meeting unique client needs

The fact that HaRT represents women in diverse cultures who have overcome abuse meant adhering to more strict guidelines for image selection. Good Karma Works respected these requirements throughout the process and offered to amend any images necessary.


Saving money

Lastly we moved them off of Wix hosting which not only limited their design and but also was at a higher price point than WordPress hosting. Lastly, we moved their professional email over to Google Workspace which saved them $350/year. (If you didn’t know, they offer 100% discount for non-profits!)

The Results:

With their new professional website, the HaRT team feels confident to do more outreach for funding opportunities and partnerships.

Their hope is that now that the more visually cohesive website represents the spirit of their work, it will open doors for more visibility, credibility and resources to bring their work to more survivors.

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