Client Case Study

Blue Heart Yoga & Wellness


Yoga Studio 


→ Branding
→ Pricing Strategy
→ Class Packs/Membership Model
→ Web Redesign (OfferingTree)
→ Google Business Profile

Now owner of Blue Heart, Paige Bradley-Pecoul, came to us after seeing another yoga studio website we designed. And let’s just say, it was love at first conversation! Paige had a very clear vision of her studio and where she needed help.

After taking a two year hiatus from teaching, Paige felt the call to open a boutique yoga & wellness studio in her neighborhood of Gretna, LA. She had recently secured a lease on a space, giving us just three months to tackle business strategy, branding, and set up an OfferingTree website before the opening.

About Blue Heart:

“Blue Heart combines modern postural yoga, timeless philosophical discipline, and Ayurvedic lifestyle guidance to mitigate the impact of stress on hurried and weary souls.”

The opening of Blue Heart Yoga & Wellness brings Paige’s longtime students and new faces from the Westbank neighborhoods together around the practicing and sharing of yogic and Ayurvedic teachings.

The symbolism and the naming of Blue Heart comes from a very personal story for mending hearts after loss that’s worth a read.


The Blue Heart Yoga & Wellness Brand is inspired by the “old world” Ayurvedic lifestyle to restore vitality and equanimity to hurried and weary souls. The brand conveys a sense of gravitas, inviting those who enter the studio to be drawn inward and feel safe to surrender and begin their healing journey.

The main brand adjectives are: profound, moving, sensual, holistic, spiritual.

” My overall experience with GKW was one of steadfast support and gentle prodding that led me to clarity on the structure of my business, confidence in my pricing, and excitement about the sales process.”


The Approach:


Decide on a business model

Through a series of exercises and questions, we were able to guide Paige to see clearly a membership-focused business model was the way to go to keep the studio, teachers & students happy.



After market research, we were able to determine pricing for classes and packages. We also took the studio known expenses and ran projections on how much income the studio would need to bring in to make a profit.



Not only did we need the brand to shine on a website, we also needed this brand to work with the physical space of the studio. Paige asked that the brand convey depth and warmth, is inviting and pleasing to the eye, and awakens a desire to lean in, to learn more.



Paige knew OfferingTree from her days teaching yoga online. Impressed by their all-in-one software and stellar support, we chose to stick with OfferingTree since they met all her platform requirements. And since we had previously built out predesigned page templates for them, we were well-prepared for the challenge.

“Every step of the way, I felt like Angela and Rachel truly cared about me, my vision, and making sure I got everything they promised me, and more. The end result is a logo I never tire of seeing and a beautiful brand guide that I know how to use to market my studio.”


The Results:

With so many things that go into opening a yoga studio, we felt honored to hone in on our craft to give Paige the support she needed to open her dream studio.

Paige also requested a flyer design for her grand opening on March 14th, 2024. She was thrilled to be able to hand out her beautiful designed flyers to over 100 attendees at the grand opening.

For a boutique yoga studio, that is a huge turnout!

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