9 Tips to Drive Traffic to your Wellness Website

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A checklist to enhance your wellness website post-launch.

PHEW, you just spent months of planning out content, strategizing and designing your perfect website. Now sit back and let the money $$$ start rolling in!

Well, not exactly…but what’s next then?

Launching your business website is a HUGE milestone and I highly encourage you to celebrate this achievement with some bubbly! Take a month or two break from it after launching to step away and gain some perspective. But keep in mind, launching your website is simply one of the first steps to growing your audience and gaining a more loyal customer base. Your website is in fact the most critical tool you can have for your wellness business.

Although we 100% support entrepreneurs to go live with a first version of their website (that perhaps doesn’t yet include everything they want), we want to empower our wellness warriors to continue building out their website content over time to attract more eyes on their business and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

At Good Karma Works, we commonly get the question from clients once they launch their website, ‘What’s Next?’

That’s why we decided to create a ‘What’s Next’ guide we send to each of our clients after launching their website. Inspired by our guide, here are some of our top recommendations for making your website work for you post-launch, from marketing tips to free analytical tools. Some of these tips to drive traffic to your website might be very apparent to you while others are commonly overlooked.

9 Tips to Driving Traffic to your Website

Free marketing – Get the word out

  1. Announce to your network

  2. You’ve just gone through the LONG journey to create and launch your website. Now it’s time to share! 

    Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and ask others to celebrate with you. Send out a casual email to friends, family and people in your professional wellness network. Announce who you are and what you are offering. You can even offer an intro discount service to encourage some new customers now that your website is live.

    You’ll be surprised at how good the praise feels, even if it’s just from your close inner circle to start!

  3. Create new content on the reg

  4. Create a blog, resource or events section with newly published content each month to better serve your audience. Search engines such as Google like fresh content. Every time your site is crawled by a search bot and new content is found, it’s an opportunity to be ranked higher in the search results. This is the best long-term strategy to rank higher in search and drive organic traffic.

    In fact, Jenna Kutcher, one of our fav online marketing experts, says that websites that create regular blog posts receive on average 55% more traffic than websites without blogs (hence the irony in me creating this post).

    If you still aren’t convinced to start a blog, consider this as a final push. One of our top clients receives 40% of their web traffic from ONE blog post they wrote over 5 years ago. That’s over 12,000 visitors per month from one post!

  5. Share on social

  6. Once you publish new content, say a resource article or a new upcoming event, create several posts for social media about it and plan to share them over the next few weeks. We love using Canva to create our branded post images and Planoly to plan out our post calendar.

    Based on your target audience, choose just 1 or 2 social media networks to focus on at the beginning. Don’t stress about trying to master all of them at once! I was totally guilty of this at the beginning and decided to hone in on just one for the first year. After I narrowed down my social media focus, I was able to grow our audience at a much faster rate.

  7. Add an email opt-in freebie

  8. Growing your email list is the #1 thing you can do to build an audience that you can later convert to paying customers. You own this list and can decide how to regularly communicate to this audience to warm them up on paying for your services.

    Did you know that marketing experts estimate that for every contact you have on your email list, you can expect returns of $1 per month, per person? Let’s say you have just 200 contacts to start. That’s $200×12=$2,400 in annual revenue.

    Create an irresistible guide or PDF download that will entice your target audience to sign up for your newsletter or automated email campaigns. We love using Flodesk as our go-to email marketing platform.

  9. Keep it fresh!

  10. An untouched website becomes stagnant and outdated quite fast. We typically recommend doing a refresh of your website design every 2-3 years to reflect both the changes in your business as well as the keeping up with design trends.

    In between website refreshes, make a note every 3-6 months to refresh content on the more static pages of your website to keep it exciting for returning clients. This can also boost your SEO rankings since search engines will be prompted to recrawl your pages in search of new content.

    Quick tips for refreshing – update your meta descriptions with target keywords, add a new service, change out some images or add a few new client testimonials.  

    Analytics – The numbers don’t lie

  11. Google Analytics

  12. Track where your traffic is coming from, what campaigns are working well and if users are engaging with your content as planned. Simply set up an account and add the tracking in the header of your page and voila, you are all set to go.

    We do this automatically for our web design and web maintenance clients but I am always surprised when talking to business owners and entrepreneurs about their websites; so many are completely unaware about what campaigns are working and where their web traffic is coming from!

    Find out more how to add Google Analytics to your website here.

  13. Google Search Console

  14. This is a lesser-known part of the Google suite offerings for website analytics data but a very effective tool. The main reason for setting up a search console is that you can make sure all your pages are being crawled by Google.

    The other amazing thing this tool offers is some insight into the top keywords visitors are searching before they land on your website. You can also see your average position on search, how many impressions your website is getting and the CTR (click-thru rate).

    True story – We recently had a client that came to us with an already existing website and signed up with a web maintenance plan. We set her up with Google Search Console and quickly found that her website wasn’t being crawled AT ALL! We quickly found there was a setting on her website that prevented search engines from crawling the site and quickly reversed it and saw the traffic flowing in.

    You can set up your google search console by linking to your Google Analytics account. See how to set up Google Search Console.  

    Updates – A bit more techie

  15. SSL certificate

  16. Depending on who builds your website, you should make sure to request an SSL certificate from your web hosting company. This will ensure that visitors visit the HTTPS version of your site, even if they enter HTTP in their browser.

    Most hosting companies offer it for free but sometimes you will have to manually set it up for auto-renew. Having a valid SSL certificate in place will help for both your SEO ranking & your website security (ensuring that your users information remains protected).

  17. Web maintenance

  18. Especially if you have a WordPress website, make sure to keep everything updated on your website, including plugins, themes, core files, etc. This will prevent any compatibility issues you might have as well as keep your website safe and secure from any suspicious spammers or hackers out there.

    At Good Karma Works, web maintenance is one of the important services we offer our clients post-website launch.

Whether you’re in that exciting phase of having just launched your new business online, or an already seasoned entrepreneur who wants to continue managing their website safety, we hope these tools can guide you throughout that process.

And while these tips can serve as a great guideline to get you started, don’t hesitate to set up your free 30-min discovery call to me (Angela) to discuss how we can collaborate and improve your web presence. We’re here to support you and your #bossbabe self the whole way through!


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