8 Tips to Stay Motivated as a Wellness Entrepreneur

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We’re sharing eight of our favorite motivational tips for re-igniting the passion and joy in your business when things start to feel stagnant.

You’re sitting at your computer trying to get the right words to flow. Or maybe no matter what you try, you just can’t seem to bring in those few extra clients that will launch your business to the next level. Things feel stuck; you feel run-down. The creativity isn’t flowing! My friends, you may be in what we call an entrepreneurial rut.

We get it, being an entrepreneur and the sole driver of constantly creating and propelling your business forward can bring a whole new meaning to the word motivation. But no fear, we’ve all come across these stuck moments in life. The good news is that these lackluster moments in your business are all but fleeting. We’re here to offer you some tools to help reignite your passion, creativity and joy to get back into alignment on your entrepreneurial path.

Read on for our 8 Tips to Stay Motivated as a Wellness Entrepreneur.  And don’t skip out on the end! We’ve got a curated lists of some of our fav entrepreneurs for turning your mundane business moments into growth and evolution.

8 Tips to Stay Motivated as a Wellness Entrepreneur

  1. Reconnect with  your “Why?”

  2. If you happened to already download our Business Launch Plan Guide, you will have seen how important it is to define your “why”. While this is an important step at the start of launching your business, it is also a valuable tip to come back to throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Take a step back to center yourself, get a birds-eye view of where your business is currently at and reconnect with your “why.”

    Why are you doing what you do? What motivates you?

    Why did you want to be an entrepreneur? 

    Why did you create this business to begin with? 

    “Why” is your purpose, your choices, your intention. The reason to wake up each day and move forward in your business and life. It is the engine that sparks your creativity and occasionally returning to this question can help get you back on track or re-direct your path forward.

  3. Business Reflection

  4. Much like reconnecting to your “why”, it’s also important to reflect on your business from a more practical point of view. We often find ourselves trekking through each month until suddenly it’s the end of the year and we haven’t really paused to enjoy how far we’ve actually come along the way. That’s why we recommend taking the time month-to-month or quarterly to reflect back on what has been working, looking at your profits and acknowledging the small wins, new clients or exciting collaborations you have attracted. In our experience, sometimes your business may have grown 30% or X amount without you even realizing it. Applauding your achievements along the way can be a highly motivating way to continue propelling you forward.

  5. Morning Routine

  6. morning routine for wellness entrepreneurs

    If you are feeling mentally, physically or emotionally drained, try starting your morning off on the right foot by incorporating some type of morning routine. This allows you to ground into your body and visualize the day ahead and how you’d optimally like it to unfold. This can include journaling “morning pages” and/or intention-setting. It can also be physical like yoga or gentle stretching, or a full on HIIT workout.

    This is also the perfect time to practice one of our favorite mental self-care tips we shared on our Essential Self-Care tips for Preventing Burnout post: meditation! Your day will unfold from a more peaceful and more intentional state when dedicating this alignment time, along with providing an automatic motivational boost.

  7. Nature

  8. This one goes without saying, yet is often overlooked when we are busy. But sometimes the number one way to re-motivate is to get yourself some nature vibes…however possible! Whether you have access to a park, a walk in the woods or along the beach, or even through listening to natural sounds online, nature’s power to clear our minds, refresh our energy and bring focus is bountiful. When I find myself in a stagnant or stressed state where things just aren’t flowing, all my soul craves is mountain air, trees and birds. And my whole energy is instantly grounded back to a healthier space from which I can work more effectively.

  9. Boundaries

  10. This is another super important tip for staying motivated, because as entrepreneurs, it’s easy for us to spread ourselves in many directions trying to do it all ourselves. It’s important to realistically look at your current set-up – particularly your work schedule, duties and obligations – and decide what is healthy for you. What kind of schedule is compatible with who you are, what kind of clients or people do you want to work with, what hours of the day are you most productive? Give yourself the gift of boundaries when something isn’t aligning with your needs. This is often so hard as women, but by defining what works best for you first, you will be able to redirect your priorities and thus have more energy to put into what you value most.

  11. Tech Detox

  12. Not always easy as an entrepreneur, but see if you can give your mind and soul a break from the constant pull of technology and social media. This could mean a day or two on the weekend, or deleting a certain App for a period of time. Try no tech an hour or two before bed or even make it a rule to make your bedroom a no-phone zone. Take just an hour during the day away from the screen where you can let yourself reset without any external stimulation. A break like this can ignite a surprising new burst of inspiration or creativity.

  13. Bond with Your Teamteam bonding for wellness entrepreneurs

  14. Even if you are working with a team of freelancers, set up a time where you can all gather (virtually works too) and spend time together doing non-work things. You could get a coaching session, go to a spa together or have your tarot cards read as a team. Even better would be to have an overnight away where you can go on a retreat together (this is my dream come true). When your team comes together for a specific time, no matter what you will all leave with a renewed sense of purpose in your roles.

  15. Evolve

  16. Sometimes when we reach a point of stagnancy, it actually could be a sign that you and your business are ready to step it up a notch and expand to a new level. Maybe you are ready to begin growing a small team, or reach out to other complimentary small-businesses or entrepreneurs with whom you could collaborate. Or you’re ready for a like-minded coach who has been in your shoes previously and can help you evolve in a new direction. While a rut can feel frustrating, reframing it as a growth opportunity for your business can help inject a bit of creativity and motivation towards new goals. Dream big and have fun brainstorming your evolution!

And lastly, follow some of our favorite like-minded wellness entrepreneurs for little nuggets of genius on staying motivated, inspired in your careers and to living a healthy and balanced work lifestyle:

109world – Lovely wellness and mindfulness tips to keep you grounded and positively-focused each day. Check out there lifestyle section with tons of free downloads, from sustainable shopping to Jeffersonian dinners. IG – @109world

Wellpreneur – A gold mine of free professional advice content for wellness entrepreneurs and health coaches. They also offer a 10-week course called Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp (p.s. Good Karma Works Founder, Angela Sealy, was interviewed on their podcast recently! Have you listened yet??). IG – @wellpreneur

Tianna Tye – A Leadership/Team Dynamics Coach, who new? A new discovery for us but love what she’s putting out into the world. She even helps to craft curated team retreats to cater to your particular business. IG – @tiannatye

A Creative Co. –  Not exactly wellness-focused however focused on small business owners. We just can’t get enough of her inspiration reels for social media and content strategy on how to reach your niche audience. IG – @a_creativeco

Mindbodygreen – Our list is not complete without mentioning the media giant for combining spirituality, lifestyle, health and beauty. We love the stuff coming out of their mindfulness section, from horoscopes to how to unlock your creativity. IG – Mindbodygreen


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